China’s Commodity Consumption


Shanghai Consumes Commodities

The world has an insatiable hunger for commodities, and China is no exception.  In fact, China is one of the world’s largest commodity consumers.  This is why China’s policies about commodities effect the rest of the world.  In this world of supply and demand, those who effectively control demand, also control the markets, especially when it comes to  commodities.

Only recently, China’s off-the-charts growth and resulting growing pains have sent more than small ripples throughout the commodities markets.  China is the biggest factor in the future of commodities markets.  In our shrinking world, fluctuations in demand might have a greater impact on future prices than supply uncertainties.

Now more than ever, it is absolutely necessary to stay informed about possibilities of an uncertain future.

World Crude Oil

Brent Oil, also known as Brent Crude, is a very important commodity for the world.

Natural Gas Futures are traded.  Too bad there’s so much natural gas in the world, and we keep finding more.  It’s also too bad that there’s so much political and monetary power behind an oil-based economy.


Wheat Harvesting

Wheat is a Limited Commodity